Thai Foot Massage (Thai Reflexology)

This is a very typical massage which is offered everywhere in Thailand. After long walks around markets, temples and gorgeous streets, it is a perfect stop to recharge energy.

The massage starts with warming techniques using oil to prepare the foot for the Thai reflexology massage that follows. The massage itself is given using a wooden stick called “Mai Kod Jud” or fingers. In this course, the massage finishes with a short Thai massage of shoulders, arms and legs.

You can work with the receiver on a couch, lying on a massage table or at the floor level. In every case you must be very comfortable because the session is around 30-45 min.

If you practice other complementary therapies, a Thai foot massage is a great way to expand your practice.

Hands and fingers exercise
Lesson 1: Foot Bath – Demonstration
Lesson 2: Foot Wrapping.
Lesson 3: Foot Warming Up.
Lesson 4: Foot Thai Reflexology points.
Lesson 5: Leg Massage.
Lesson 6: Arm-Hand Massage.
Lesson 7: Shoulder Massage.
Practice of the hole sequence learned.

There is a short quiz and a practical evaluation as part of an on-going evaluation during the training.

You receive a certificate from Suriya and TMC School Chiang Mai Thailand.

The certificate is in English.


Group 2-6 persons:

Private Lesson in Den Haag: 

Lesson in another cities: