Foundation of Thai Massage

With this course you learn 160 techniques which gives you a strong foundation of Thai Massage. The sequence covers the entire body and stretching techniques are included.

The demonstrations are clear and include the caution areas and contraindications to learn how to give a safe massage. After the demonstrations, you have a close supervision while you practice in pairs. Every day starts with Thai Yoga (Lue Sri Dad Ton) and short meditation.

The book used in this level gives general information about Thai Massage, Thai Traditional Medicine, Sen Sib (the most important energy lines) and a detailed explanation of each technique.

If you have taken a Thai massage course elsewhere and you want to know which techniques are included here, you can always contact me. You can also buy the textbook here to get an idea of the course contents



Yogi Exercise, Hand-Knee exercise, meditation (everyday).
Introduction: Hand and sitting position in Thai Massage.
Lesson 1: Head massage.Lesson 2: Neck massage.
Lesson 3: Shoulder massage.
Practice lesson 1-3.
Lesson 4: Face massage.
Lesson 5: Back massage on side lying position.
Lecture about General Knowledge of Thai Massage.
Lesson 6: Back massage face down position.
Lesson 7: Arm massage.
Pressure check with teacher for effective massage.
Lesson 8: Abdominal massage.
Lesson 9: Leg massage.
Lesson 10: Body stretching.
Lesson 11: Closing sequence.
Demonstration of whole body massage.
Pressure check with teacher for effective massage.
Practice according to students’ need.
Students perform whole body Thai massage.

There is a short quiz in the middle of the course and a practical test at the last day.

By the end of this course you will able to give a 2 hours massage (using the book to remember the sequence if necessary).

You receive a certificate from Suriya and TMC School Chiang Mai Thailand.

The certificate is in English.


Anyone who wants to learn Thai massage can take this course because you don’t need previous experience.

In this course we work on the floor so I don`t recommend taking it if you are pregnant, have any knee condition or important back problems, among others. Before the course I ask you about your health conditions so you will receive a save massage in the practices. You can contact me if you have any question about it.

Value per person:  375 (incl. btw & course book)

* Small group lessons: 2-8 persons.

Private lessons is also possible.