Thai Massage Enhancement

This course helps to re-enforce and improve the techniques learned at Level I. You learn 18 lessons with new positions and 12 variations techniques.

This training connects you deeply with your practice because it includes a review of the first level course. At the end of this curse you will perform a massage more confident and with more attention in the needs of the receiver.

The workbook for Level 2 includes the new techniques, how to use them in the sequences from Level I, and 17 postures with Yogi Stretching Exercises (Lue Sri Dadton). The book from the previous level is also used in this course as a complement.

To enter the Level II course, you need to have completed the Level I course with me or at TMC School in Chiang Mai.



Yogi exercise, knee-hand exercise, short meditation (everyday).
Foot cleaning demonstration, preparation to perform Thai massage.
Review Level I sequences using cards.
Demonstration/practice sequences Level I.
Overview of characteristics of a good Thai massage.
New variation techniques.
Practice 1-hour massage.
Spot check and overview performance.
17 new techniques: Demonstration/practice of new positions.
Overview practice integration of applying Level I and II.
Tracing Sen Sib and massage planning.
Practice 1-1 ½ hour massage (with a case based in Level I and II)
Spot check and overview performance.
Practice 2 hours massage with integration of Level I and Level II.
Spot check and overview performance at the end of practice session and pressure check.

There is a short quiz in the middle of the course and a practical test at the last day.

You receive a certificate from Suriya and TMC School Chiang Mai Thailand.

The certificate is in English.


Anyone who wants to continue learning Thai massage after the course Foundations of Thai Massage.

In this course we work on the floor so I don`t recommend taking it if you are pregnant, have any knee condition or important back problems, among others. Before the course I ask you about your health conditions so you will receive a save massage in the practices. You can contact me if you have any question about it.

Group 2-6 persons:

Private Lesson in Den Haag: 

Lesson in another cities: