About Lorena

Lorena AsencioWelcome,

I am Lorena Asencio, a Yoga Teacher , Thai massage therapist and teacher certified by the TMC School Chiang Mai, Thailand. This certification involved 450 hours of training (after three times in Thailand), besides that, I followed workshops with other teachers and schools. 

In 2017, I moved to the Netherlands, where I learned Relaxing massage combined with deep tissue techniques to work as a freelance massage therapist in a center in Den Haag. 

About Yoga, I begon in my twenties, I practiced sporadically and just as a physical activity. Later, during my office-job-time in Chili, I wanted to practice more often at home but I was not ready to build a daily practice. Today, I am a Yoga Teacher (200 RYT) and I enjoy sharing my experience and learnings to support others in their daily life. In my lessons, I focus on the breathing, awareness of the body, sometimes a bit self-massage and pranayama and meditation are included. Yoga helps me to experience the power of awareness, recognize and respect other realities, to observe and accept feelings and reactions. 

I teach in english, spanish and dutch.

If you need more information, you can contact me by email: info@suriyathai.nl, or Instagram: @lore.asencio