With Thai Massage you can help people to relax their bodies and release energy blockages. At the same time, you will discover that giving a Thai massage session is an amazing way of meditation for you (read more about Thai massage here).

I offer you the opportunity to learn Thai Massage in The Netherland with courses certified by TMC School Chiang Mai (Thailand). This is one of the official government accredited Thai massage schools in Thailand and one of the most prestigious.

Because I am affiliated partner of TMC Chiang Mai, I use the same program, method, books and your courses at Suriya are recognize in TMC Thailand so you can continue next levels there.

Courses are given in small groups and private lessons are also possible. Courses are taught in English and can be organized in Spanish if there are people interested.

If you are unsure if a TMC certified course is for you, you can start with a short workshop (read more).


Foundation of Thai Massage (Level I)

Duration: 30 hours (5 days or more).

With this course you learn 160 techniques which gives you a strong foundation of Thai Massage. The sequence covers the entire body and stretching techniques are included.

Thai Massage Enhancement (Level II)

Duration: 30 hours (5 days or more).

This course helps to re-enforce and improve the techniques learned at Level I. You learn new techniques and variations.

Thai Foot Massage (Thai reflexology)

Duration: 12 hours (2 days).

The massage starts with warming techniques using oil to prepare the foot for the Thai reflexology massage that follows.