Private yoga lessons:

Do you want to start with yoga but do you feel uncomfortable about practicing in a big group? Private yoga lessen are a good option for beginners and anybody else who prefers a lesson adapted to their needs and interest.

We will practice slow flows, gentle hatha yoga, yin or restorative yoga.  I will adjust the asanas (yoga poses) to your body with variations, depending on your own needs. And I include breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation in every lesson.

The location is in a park, beach, your garden/home or workplace in The Hague. You can combine in-person and online lessons. And maybe, invite your friend and share the lesson with them!

Remember that you don´t need to be flexible to practice yoga. You don´t need expensive clothes. 

You just need to start, feel comfortable, practice and live it.


I look forward to meeting you! 


  • For bigger groups or corporate yoga, contact me to discuss the options together:
  • The lesson can be given in Spanish, English or Dutch (my Dutch is in progress!).
  • Private lessons have a 24 hour cancellation restriction.
  • Always inform me about injuries, pregnancy or health conditions.
  • Prices (total per group):